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by Scary Stories

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(Numb)ers 01:02
you will remember my name when you need someone... someone to blame forget it until then i'm nothing... no more than a number on a page beat me- i'm a dead horse lead to water/left to drown what i'm proud of is just horseshit stock scale can't evaluate it use the hoops i jump through like a clown wring the neck you breathe down 4 3 2 1 numbers numb. numbers numb. 1 2 3 4 numbers numb my worth 1 2 3 what for? numbers numb, numb my worth i've got nothing. nothing left... to prove
Rope 02:35
on two sides at the same time hover over the divide pulled in opposite directions in a constant state of tension a bridge burning at both ends pressure ascending to no relief overextending to no relief impending neglect: relief; release. i can't say no I'm just a fraying rope i'll splinter your hands so let me go
Stoned 01:56
another demonstration of selfish preservation: yeah, i burned down another desolate place just to get some space smoldering ashes remain leaving charred residue so easy to see through a pointless act like smashing glass just to span some more time and to silence my mind: loud with mistakes and regret it won't let me forget so i'm getting high on the fumes of all of the motions i'm going through and through forget all I've known turn me to stone stoned.
i wish i would quit seeking validation over thinking/under-compensating accept the realization: i'm no more than matter wasting space and no more than a name and a face to be forgotten/left rotting never glistened/no one listens layers of saturation will leave no trace of me from my head down to my feet i'll be buried with my dreams i'm just another dead leaf floating in the breeze not falling very far from the tree over privileged/underachieved layers of saturation will leave no trace of me from my head down to my feet i'll be buried with my dreams from my skin down to my bones the fertile ground becomes my home decomposition and decay all concealed in dry/remains alone.
More Weight 01:49
ghost witness sees what he wants to see so I'll let the cat chew on my tongue: a tender treat of meat condemned- i won't confess. i lay in contempt 'til my last breath. condemned- i won't confess. i lay in contempt on my death bed. under a blanket of stones... a jury of peers pointing fingers in fear after all these years it's clear we're still here so add more weight.
White Plague 02:19
retrograde amnesia in media center stage hate campaigns old disease/new plague stagnation under god roaches won't concede roaches still convene only difference is there's no scurrying when the light shines in no more blind-eyed tunnel vision and no more shelter in silence



released June 16, 2017

-Recorded by Scot Moriarty on February 18th, 19th and 25th 2017at
Backroom Studios in Rockaway, New Jersey.
-Layout and Design by Scary Stories and Lucas Andrews
-Adam, Greg, Vic and Paul made these songs in 2016 and 2017.
Thanks for noticing.


all rights reserved



Scary Stories Denville, New Jersey

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